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Our People, Our Pride: Introducing Legazpi Eye Center’s Executive Committee

Our People, Our Pride: Introducing Legazpi Eye Center’s Executive Committee Legazpi Eye Center is a beacon of exceptional eye care in the Bicol Region. What once was a small practice by emerging doctors is now a renowned eye care facility with a team of dedicated professionals who bring an unparalleled level of expertise and a shared vision for comprehensive and compassionate patient care. Allow us to introduce the heart and brains of our center, our Executive Committee. The Visionaries At the helm of Legazpi Eye Center are the founders, Chief Executive Officer Dr. Rollo Milante and Chief Financial Officer Dr. Rosita Milante. Their enduring commitment and professional excellence have shaped the center into the leading eye care facility of the Bicol Region. Dr. Rollo Milante grew up in a traditional Chinese business family. He was introduced to medicine by his neighbors, a family of doctors who own a pharmacy. He eventually earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a Doctorate Degree in Medicine at the University of Santo Tomas in Manila.  ​​His college girlfriend, now his wife, Dr. Rosita Milante completed a degree in Optometry from the Centro Escolar University of the Philippines. She was introduced to optometry through their neighbor – Dr. Buenaventura, a friend of her father.  Over the 25 years of his practice, Dr. Rollo Milante became one of the leading ophthalmologists of the country. His exceptional contributions and accomplishments have been recognized through prestigious awards and accolades. He was honored as a nominee for The Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) of the Philippines in November 2002  and received the Halyao Award as the Bicolano Businessman (Albay) of the Year during the 4th Bicol Business Week back in 2008. He earned further distinction with the PMA Governor’s Award for the Most Outstanding Bicolano Physician in 2013-2014 and with the Outstanding Albayo Award from the Provincial Government of Albay in 2015. Our co-founder Dr. Rosita Milante, is a respected optometrist with decades of experience. Her steadfast dedication to eye health and her advocacy for regular eye exams and preventive measures for eye diseases have made her one of the region’s leading optometrists. The NowGen Ensuring the smooth functioning of the center are Chief Medical Officer for Quality Dr. Rachel Milante, Chief Medical Officer for Growth Dr. Rainier Milante, and Chief Operating Officer Richard Milante, MBA. Dr. Rachel Milante plays a vital role in upholding the highest standards of quality in our medical services. She completed a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Doctorate in Medicine at the University of Santo Tomas Manila. After completing her Residency in Ophthalmology at St. Luke’s Medical Center, she furthered her specialization as a distinguished Fellow in Pediatric Ophthalmology at Johns Hopkins University in the United States. Currently, she is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Public Health at Johns Hopkins University, broadening her expertise in healthcare.  Dr. Rainier Milante spearheads the provision of cutting-edge and top-notch medical services to our patients. He completed a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences at Ateneo de Manila University and a Doctorate Degree in Medicine at the University of Santo Tomas Manila. He completed his Residency in Ophthalmology at East Avenue Medical Center and is currently pursuing a Certificate in Leadership in Medicine for Southeast Asia at the esteemed Harvard School of Medicine. To further elevate his expertise in the field, he is set to embark on a Fellowship in Glaucoma at the Singapore National Eye Center in 2024. As Chief Operating Officer, Richard Milante brings valuable skills to maintain the operational excellence of our facility. He completed a Bachelor of Science in Management Engineering at Ateneo de Manila University and Master of Business Administration with a Health Sector Management Certificate at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business in the United States. Richard’s corporate experience in real estate and healthcare service delivery ensures the smooth functioning of our centers, allowing our medical team to dedicate their efforts to providing exceptional eye care. Together with and through the guidance of their parents, Dr. Rachel Milante, Dr. Rainier Milante, and Richard Milante form an exceptional leadership team at Legazpi Eye Center, ensuring the delivery of top-notch medical services with unwavering dedication and expertise. Legacy and Future We believe that our strength lies in our team, and it is their dedication, commitment, and expertise that allow us to provide the comprehensive and compassionate eye care that the Bicol Region deserves. Every member of our team shares our vision of enabling Bicolanos to see a brighter future for themselves and their loved ones. We strive to live up to this vision every day, with every patient we serve. Learn more about our exceptional team and the services we offer here.

Reduce Screen Time among Kids

It’s virtually impossible to disconnect from technology nowadays. From social networking sites to food delivery platforms to entertainment, our world today seems to fit on a screen. However, it’s important that children, especially in their developmental stages, not spend too much time in front of screens. Excessive screen time has been linked to many negative health outcomes, especially for children’s eyes. Here are three ways to reduce screen time among children and protect their vision: Set Limits and BoundariesAs guardians of the children, it’s important that you set screen use limits for yourself and your children. These limits can come in the form of not only daily or weekly time limits but also screen-free zones. Family meal times and the dining area can be set as screen-free and become good opportunities to bond with children through conversation. Remember to model good behavior as well by limiting your own screen time. Children are more likely to respect the limits and boundaries if you respect it. Engage in Screen-Free ActivitiesWhen thinking about your children’s activities, always keep as options screen-free activities such as board games, sports, or crafting. Talk to your local communities or schools to see if there are opportunities for volunteering or after-school programs. Screen-free activities not only prevent negative health outcomes by moving children away from screens but also provide positive health outcomes by keeping them active. Explain the Importance of Limiting Screen TimeIt’s important that children understand why there is a need to limit screen time. Communicate with your children the potential negative health outcomes of excessive screen time such as impaired vision and sleep problems. Open, honest conversations with children can help them make the right decisions on their own.

See For Yourself: Legazpi Eye Center’s Online Appointment System Is Easy!

Skip the lines with our hassle-free, easy online appointment system. “It took me about two minutes to book my appointment.” “I didn’t have any trouble with the system, either—and that’s saying something because this is a website that requires you to do everything through its website instead of by phone or text message!” “I didn’t have to wait long for my appointment because the online booking system made it easy for me to make an appointment at the time that suited me best.”  This is exactly how we at Legazpi Eye Center, the largest and most comprehensive eye care facility in the Bicol region, envisions our patients’ experience of the online appointment system. It eliminates the hassle of calling, texting, or waiting in line for hours. Five easy steps to an appointment Click on the “Book an Appointment” button at the top and bottom of any page. This will lead you to the main appointment page where you get to pick and choose from the options provided.  Pick one of the locations provided: Legazpi City or Naga City Branch. Both our locations are accessible via public or private transportation, so reaching us won’t be a challenge. Next, select your preferred Doctor. We have a team of Doctors with varied sub specializations. Feel free to chat with us if you have any clarifications on the Doctors.  After selecting your preferred Doctor, choose from any of our services : Adult Eye Examination, Pediatric Eye Examination, or Premature Baby Eye Screening. Next, pick a preferred time slot from our convenient list of available times for both morning and afternoon appointments. Finally, fill in your contact details and submit your appointment request—we’ll confirm it via SMS or email as soon as possible! If there are any changes or cancellations made to an appointment after it’s been accepted, Legazpi Eye Center Online Booking System allows you to reschedule or cancel their appointments by sending a message via chat on Facebook Messenger through your mobile devices. Legazpi Eye Center’s online booking system is fast, easy, and convenient for patients with busy schedules and hectic lifestyles. We have designed our website to make it as simple as possible to book an appointment at the most trusted eye care center in the region. You can conveniently schedule your appointment without having to remember any details or call multiple times just because you are forgetting something important. All you need is access to a computer or mobile device that has Internet access so we can provide you with this service! In addition to being easy enough for anyone who has Internet access on their phone or tablet device (or smartphone), we also wanted our online booking system to be reliable so that when you come into our center—whether it be before work or after class—you won’t have any problems getting in touch with us. See you at Legazpi Eye Center! Visit www.legazpieyecenter.com for more.

How To Reduce Eye Strain

The pandemic and its effects to our social and professional methods of communication only aggravated an all-too-common problem, eye strain. Symptoms of eye strain include dry or tired eyes, headache, and difficulty focusing. If left unchecked, eye strain can lead to more serious problems such as vision loss or even permanent damage to the eyes. Here are three ways you can reduce eye strain and protect your vision: The 20-20-20 RuleWith our eyes locked on screens for extended periods of time, the 20-20-20 rule provides an opportunity for relief and rest. The 20-20-20 rule states that we should take a 20-second break to at something 20 feet away every 20 minutes. Doing so reduces eye strain by refocusing our eyes on something else. Adjust Device SettingsMake sure that your devices are programmed to make reading easy for you. Feel free to enlarge the font size of texts, adjust contract and brightness of your screen, or position your screen at a comfortable distance and angle. Consult Your OphthalmologistIt can be difficult, almost impossible, to avoid screen time. Luckily, there are eye drops that can help reduce dryness and discomfort of eyes when using electronic devices. Consult your ophthalmologist to understand your options.

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