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Throwback Thursday: Dr. Rollo Milante Won the 2015 Outstanding Albayano Award for Tourism, Culture, and the Arts (OATCA)

Dr. Rollo Milante has been on a remarkable journey of providing exceptional eye care in the Bicol Region. His passion for serving his fellow Bicolanos led him and his wife, Dr. Rosita Milante, to establish the renowned Legazpi Eye Center in 1994. They built the Center with a mission to bring cutting-edge technologies and top-notch eye care services within reach for everyone in the region. These efforts have been seen by many institutions in Bicol, one of which is the Provincial Government of Albay.

In 2015, Dr. Rollo Milante was recognized and honored by the Provincial Government of Albay with the prestigious 2015 Outstanding Albayano Award for Tourism, Culture, and the Arts (OATCA). This esteemed award celebrates individuals who have demonstrated excellence in various fields, including Visual Arts, Literature, Architecture, Performance Arts, Music, Film & Television, Cultural Education, and Tourism.

The OATCA award bestowed upon Dr. Rollo Milante is a testament to his exceptional contributions to the field of ophthalmology and his dedication to cultural and educational endeavors. This recognition highlights his unwavering commitment to serving the people of Albay and his relentless pursuit of excellence in his profession.

The administration of the award is diligently carried out by the Provincial Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office (PTCAO) and the Albay Historical Cultural Unit, which serves as the OATCA Awards Secretariat. The selection process involves a panel of experts in the fields of Tourism, Culture, and the Arts, chaired by the Head of HCU, with the final list of awardees confirmed by the Governor of Albay.

In assessing the nominations, the Selection Panel takes into account various criteria, such as personal, academic, and professional achievements, contributions in the relevant field, demonstrated leadership, innovation, creativity, community involvement, previous awards and recognition, nature and length of activity or service, and achievements as an individual or part of a group or organization.

To be eligible for the OATCA award, nominees must be an Albayano or have Albayano roots, and awards are not granted posthumously. The nomination process ensures that exceptional individuals like Dr. Rollo Milante are recognized for their outstanding achievements and contributions to the province of Albay.

The recognition and honor given to Dr. Rollo Milante for his exceptional service and dedication to his profession and the community exemplify the values and mission that underpin Legazpi Eye Center. Up until today, he continues his passion to serve and help not only the people of Albay but the entire Bicol Region.

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