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See For Yourself: Legazpi Eye Center’s Online Appointment System Is Easy!

Skip the lines with our hassle-free, easy online appointment system.

It took me about two minutes to book my appointment.”

“I didn’t have any trouble with the system, either—and that’s saying something because this is a website that requires you to do everything through its website instead of by phone or text message!”

“I didn’t have to wait long for my appointment because the online booking system made it easy for me to make an appointment at the time that suited me best.” 

This is exactly how we at Legazpi Eye Center, the largest and most comprehensive eye care facility in the Bicol region, envisions our patients’ experience of the online appointment system. It eliminates the hassle of calling, texting, or waiting in line for hours.

Five easy steps to an appointment

Click on the “Book an Appointment” button at the top and bottom of any page. This will lead you to the main appointment page where you get to pick and choose from the options provided. 

Pick one of the locations provided: Legazpi City or Naga City Branch. Both our locations are accessible via public or private transportation, so reaching us won’t be a challenge.

Next, select your preferred Doctor. We have a team of Doctors with varied sub specializations. Feel free to chat with us if you have any clarifications on the Doctors. 

After selecting your preferred Doctor, choose from any of our services : Adult Eye Examination, Pediatric Eye Examination, or Premature Baby Eye Screening. Next, pick a preferred time slot from our convenient list of available times for both morning and afternoon appointments.

Finally, fill in your contact details and submit your appointment request—we’ll confirm it via SMS or email as soon as possible!

If there are any changes or cancellations made to an appointment after it’s been accepted, Legazpi Eye Center Online Booking System allows you to reschedule or cancel their appointments by sending a message via chat on Facebook Messenger through your mobile devices.

Legazpi Eye Center’s online booking system is fast, easy, and convenient for patients with busy schedules and hectic lifestyles. We have designed our website to make it as simple as possible to book an appointment at the most trusted eye care center in the region.

You can conveniently schedule your appointment without having to remember any details or call multiple times just because you are forgetting something important. All you need is access to a computer or mobile device that has Internet access so we can provide you with this service!

In addition to being easy enough for anyone who has Internet access on their phone or tablet device (or smartphone), we also wanted our online booking system to be reliable so that when you come into our center—whether it be before work or after class—you won’t have any problems getting in touch with us.

See you at Legazpi Eye Center!

Visit www.legazpieyecenter.com for more.

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