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If your ophthalmologist prescribed eyeglasses for you, Legazpi Eye Center is able to offer a variety of frames and lenses at different price points immediately after your check-up. With the many choices at our optical, we ensure that we meet you where you are in terms of style or financial capacity without compromising on the advice of your ophthalmologist.

Contact Lenses

Legazpi Eye Center offers a variety of contact lenses from the usual straightforward over-the-counter contact lenses to toric and bandage made-to-order contact lenses. Our team is also equipped with the skills necessary to convert your eyeglass grade to its contact lens counterpart.

Eye Medicines

If your ophthalmologist prescribed eye drops or ointments, our in-house pharmacist and dispensary is able to immediately provide you with the necessary medications as prescribed. Our pharmacy specializes in eye medicines and can provide alternatives if need be.

Prosthetic Eyes

Legazpi Eye Center is able to measure and fit prosthetic eyes for patients that need them. With our in-house optometrists, we are able to accurately advice on prosthetic eye sizing and fitting. Our suppliers from Manila are also able to offer a wide variety of prosthetic eyes.

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