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General Ophthalmology

Legazpi Eye Center’s board-certified ophthalmologists can address your eye concerns. Whether you need to update your current glasses, understand why your eyes are red, or stop the itchiness of your eyes, our eye doctors will assist you.


Legazpi Eye Center ophthalmologists perform hundreds of cataract surgeries a year. With their experience, state-of-the art machines, and many choices of lens implants, you will be able to get rid of your cloudy vision and see better.

Pediatric Ophthalmology

Within our line-up of eye doctors are specially-trained pediatric ophthalmologists who can address concerns about your child’s vision. Our pediatric ophthalmologists screen for near-sightedness, astigmatism, and retinopathy of prematurity, among others.

Eye Misalignment

Our specialist ophthalmologists are able to determine causes for eye misalignments and prescribe the most effective treatment. We cater to people of all ages that experience eye misalignments such as “duling” (eyes turned inward) or “banlag / balilang” (eyes turned outwards).


Legazpi Eye Center is equipped with not only the specialists but also the high-tech machines to detect glaucoma early. We are able to manage glaucoma patients that may be at different stages of the disease. We work medically and surgically to lower your eye pressure, prevent optic nerve damage, and preserve your vision.

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Retina Disease

Our retina and vitreous ophthalmologists are well-trained and well-equipped to manage cases of macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and retinal detachments, and tears. We are also able to address rare cases of retina diseases.

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Dry Eye Disease

Dry eyes is a common disease that can disturb everyday life. Whatever the cause, our ophthalmologists are able to manage and relieve the redness and irritation you may feel when you have dry eyes.


Inflammation of the eye is called uveitis. We have specialist ophthalmologists for uveitis who will work closely with you to manage your uveitis. With the many possible complications of uveitis, patients are given options for the management and care of their eyes.

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Low Vision

Low vision can severely affect a person’s everyday activities. However, this does not have to be the case. At Legazpi Eye Center, we are able to screen and manage low vision to make everyday life better.

Oculo-Plastic Surgery

Whether you need eye surgery for medical reasons or for cosmetic reasons, our oculoplastic ophthalmologists are able to perform surgeries that will enhance your eyes and improve your vision.

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Vision Screening

Whether it’s for school, pre-employment, or the uniformed service, our team at Legazpi Eye Center is equipped with the skills and devices to screen your vision and offer treatments to improve it. People of all ages come to Legazpi Eye Center for vision screening tests necessary to excel in their respective fields.

Eye Infections

Eye infections can be complicated cases that lead to complicated side-effects. You can rest assured that our team will carefully and diligently identify causes of infections and manage infections accordingly.

Eye Trauma

Eye trauma happens unexpectedly so the unknown effects of it can be scary. At Legazpi Eye Center, we are able to offer effective treatments that may preserve your vision through our well-trained ophthalmologists and our well-equipped facilities. Our partnerships with the local medical community also allows us to provide holistic care for eye trauma cases.

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