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Our People, Our Pride: Introducing Legazpi Eye Center’s Executive Committee

Our People, Our Pride: Introducing Legazpi Eye Center’s Executive Committee Legazpi Eye Center is a beacon of exceptional eye care in the Bicol Region. What once was a small practice by emerging doctors is now a renowned eye care facility with a team of dedicated professionals who bring an unparalleled level of expertise and a […]

Reduce Screen Time among Kids

It’s virtually impossible to disconnect from technology nowadays. From social networking sites to food delivery platforms to entertainment, our world today seems to fit on a screen. However, it’s important that children, especially in their developmental stages, not spend too much time in front of screens. Excessive screen time has been linked to many negative […]

See For Yourself: Legazpi Eye Center’s Online Appointment System Is Easy!

Skip the lines with our hassle-free, easy online appointment system. “It took me about two minutes to book my appointment.” “I didn’t have any trouble with the system, either—and that’s saying something because this is a website that requires you to do everything through its website instead of by phone or text message!” “I didn’t […]

How To Reduce Eye Strain

The pandemic and its effects to our social and professional methods of communication only aggravated an all-too-common problem, eye strain. Symptoms of eye strain include dry or tired eyes, headache, and difficulty focusing. If left unchecked, eye strain can lead to more serious problems such as vision loss or even permanent damage to the eyes. […]

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